The amazing natural environmen, the rich vegetation, the crystal clear water, the alive seabed rich of underwater flora and fauna, all this makes Elba Island the ideal place for those seeking an intimate contact with nature. An exciting holiday for those who love adventure and pleasant surprises.


You can reach the island by sea from Piombino to Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo. The crossing usually takes a little more than an hour. By plane to Marina di Campo. Arrivals and departures are planned from different european cities.


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Fetovaia, La Biodola, Cavoli, Capo Bianco, Seccheto, della Padulella, Lacona, Lido di Capoliveri, Barbarossa and many others.


Sport and Activities



Schedule of events 2016 (only in IT)

Capoliveri Legend Cup, Elbatrail, Elba Bike Tour, Napoleon’s landing reenactment and many others.


Made in … Elba Island

Locman Italia

The world’s first watches with carbon fibre and titanium cases.

LOCMAN was founded in 1986 by Marco Mantovani. In 1997, LOCMAN decided to give up producing watches for other brands and to launch its first own-name line of original models.
LOCMAN aims to occupy a niche market with products featuring innovative designs, but distinguished by high-quality craftsmanship and refinement, in order to meet the demands of a category of consumers looking for original, exclusive and trendy products.
Thanks to the Linea Sport in 1999 and to the DIAMOND-Alluminio models in 2000, which featured a tonneau-shaped aluminium case with a non-allergenic strap in Lorica, timepieces by Locman Italy have become cult models featuring a striking blend of ambition and casual confidence that have earned them favour among the greatest international celebrities.


Made in … Elba Island

Acqua dell’Elba

The idea came to us strong and clear; a desire to relive that experience, to create a perfume, not just a fragrance, but an essence like no other; the essence of an island.


We carry out constant research and make only a limited quantity, owing to the difficulties in finding and selecting the raw materials and the need for a slow production technique.
Every product is the result of a creative process. As skilled craftsmen, we carry out and check the production, using only methods based on our ability and expertise.